"He Dreams of Giants"

For 30 years, Terry Gilliam struggled to make a screen adaptation of Don Quixote, including an abandoned attempt chronicled in Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe’s 2002 documentary Lost in La Mancha.  Gilliam never gave up and neither did the documentarians. HE DREAMS OF GIANTS represents the culmination of all their efforts in an epic and poignant portrait. We watch Gilliam bring all his talent, obsession and humour to confronting self-doubt, the pressure to compromise and the need to realize a long-held dream.

"A study of legacy, ambition, self-doubt, and determination...magnificent"

— Playlist

"Terrific, a really honest and compassionate account of one man's struggle to will his dream into existence and a real insight to both the pain and the ecstacy of the creative process"

— Mark Kermode for the BBC

“ A moody plunge into the anguish of the artistic process...By the end of this movie you’ll realise that Gilliam’s struggles are humanity’s struggles.”

— The Guardian

"...transcends your typical cinematic portrait to become something truly great, possibly transcendent and deeply moving...One of my favourite films of the year!"

— Unseen Films 

"Brilliant...insightful...excels at capturing the moment-to-moment rush and collaborative energy of film production..."


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